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World Class Dragster Wraps will tailor your new image and transcend you to center stage

'Your new image is our next masterpiece'

Just as your dragster, our finely tuned state of the art dragster wraps and themed murals are also strategically planned and built from the ground up, and with the same degree of meticulous care and precision you should expect.

No effort is spared in generating full scale designs that are both razor sharp, inspiring, original and visibly stimulating.

Spectators and fans alike will surely gravitate towards you with camera in hand to capture and share those memorable images with their friends, and to post in their favorite forums.

And your sponsors will also appreciate the benefits this added attraction will bring.

If second best isn't an option, you've just made your best choice, here with us.

Select a tab from the menu to begin viewing the various designs.

This web-portfolio has been adapted for smaller devices, however for the best experience, you may want to look through on a desktop as we present large images with many close-up details which we take pride in presenting.

Last updated April 9th, 2018

Make your selection below for proper viewing.

Make your selection below for proper viewing.


I'm Peter, and I pledge to make you look your absolute best!


There was a time in my past before digital printing came about, and all that you see here I would have rendered with a series of air-brushes and custom mixed paints. Thanks to those good ol' days, I had many opportunities to refine my skills which naturally transitioned to digital nearly a decade ago. Incredible how time flies.

Now through the onset of digital reproduction processing, I have been able to generate higher quality designs in a fraction of the time and ship them world wide at a very moderate price when compared to doing custom paint.

What once cost a few thousand to produce is now just a few hundred.


-Enjoy your visit here, and if you have any questions, I'm as far away as your computer or phone.